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Unitha Muhammad

Executive Administrator

Board Certified Christian Counselor

I believe I am destined to serve others and help them live emotionally and spiritually whole lives. I have been busy living out this calling. Since childhood serving others has been woven into the fabric of my life, as I’ve volunteered and worked for a variety of community agencies and nonprofits. Being true to my calling, I have spent over twenty years in a variety of related fields using my gifts and talents as an entrepreneur, teacher, minister, radio host, conference speaker, counselor, and facilitator of small groups. I have studied extensively in the areas of spirituality, inner healing, sexuality, and emotional and relational counseling. I enjoy coaching people to become better versions of themselves. I also enjoy counseling couples with my husband, Pastor Omar A. Muhammad.

Currently, I am writing an inspirational book, coaching, and counseling individuals and couples, co-hosting a radio show, as well as serving as Director of Discipleship Groups at Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA.

My family comes first. I enjoy doing life up close and personal with my husband, Pastor Omar A. Muhammad, and our four children.

Unitha Muhammad
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