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Leslye Taylor

Executive Director

Leadership Development Coach

I've served in the biotech healthcare sector for more than two decades, driving the evolution of technology by contributing directly to some of the most transformational projects across investment and technical solutions for clinical labs and healthcare organizations on the cusp of major market interruptions. I helped to elevate patient care, streamline operations, and deliver diagnostic and treatment tools to physicians. As part of a team, we built innovative platforms that provided cutting-edge offerings to help drive the emergence of new technologies in the healthcare space, some of which have been a part of medical history.

Over the years, I have intentionally developed my leadership style, I'm clear that I empower, and showcase team strengths, encourage collaboration, inspire innovation, and consistently deliver excellent results.

Today, I use my collective professional experience, education, and personal growth work to help you acheive economic advancement through a customized coaching program designed to help you discover, multiply and share your unique set of talents and life experiences, address weaknesses in your character that may be sabotaging your success and relationships, and equip you with a comptency toolbox that engages your analytical and creative skills.

I am dedicated to advancing the science and application of neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, biochemistry, biosocial theory, and biblical principles for optimal professional, relational and emotional performance in the workplace and in other aspects of life. It is a joy of mine to walk alongside you as you experience a greater peace, more fulfilling relationships, a clear life plan that you are actively working, and the freedom of being fully known and fully loved by a life team.

Leslye Taylor
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