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Dr. Marzette McGary-Hawkins, M.Div., D.Min


Board Certified Christian Counselor

My life’s purpose is to empower people to walk out their life’s calling and to help them attain a lifestyle of shalom, which is God’s desire for every human being. Psalm 35:27, says that God takes joy when His people have peace. In the original language of Psalm 35:27, the word peace is actually the word shalom, which can also be translated as prosperity. God is good, and He wants people satisfied and blessed in every area of their lives- mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, relationally, familial, and more. I am committed to submitting to God’s presence and power in my life, which empowers me to support and equip others to live-out their life’s purpose and to achieve a lifestyle of shalom.

For over 15 years, I have counseled individuals as a pastor and chaplain and helped them heal, grow and advance toward a lifestyle of shalom. Additionally, for nearly ten years I have walked alongside leaders for the purpose of helping them grow spiritually, discover their unique calling (niche) and fulfill their life’s purpose.

My graduate and post-graduate studies afforded me opportunities to extensively study substance addiction counseling, cross cultural counseling, sexual addiction counseling, spiritual counseling and depression and anxiety counseling. My graduate and post graduate studies also included several areas of leadership development.

ICWF is a reflection of my humble attempt to submit to my life’s purpose, which is to empower leaders and help people grow into shalom in every arena of life. ich is to empower leaders and help people grow into shalom in every arena of life.

Dr. Marzette McGary-Hawkins, M.Div., D.Min
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