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Dr. Erica Grant, Ed.D

Board Certified Christian Counselor

I am no stranger to adversity. Born into a large family in inner-city Los Angeles, I saw firsthand how damaging limiting beliefs and dysfunctional life patterns can be. As a young single mother, I faced numerous hardships that were amplified by the fixed mindset of others around me.

However, I knew I didn’t have to settle for less than my visions and aspirations. I started to challenge the way I thought about obstacles and I found the tools and faith I needed to overcome.

I became a teacher and have been teaching for 22 years. I earned a Master’s and doctorate in Education. After teaching for a few years, I decided I wanted to help families transform their lives. I became a certified life coach and family educator. In 2015 I founded a nonprofit that helps individuals and families overcome obstacles to live and leave their own relationship and financial legacies.

Dr. Erica Grant, Ed.D
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